paradox of motion - closed @ sigmeowklim, dioleft, virtueoftrust

Somehow, though he had refused it, he had ended up with the pendant anyways. She must have hidden it, somehow, slipped it into his robe where he wouldn’t notice—but why? Wouldn’t that undermine the entire point of giving it to him? It was hers, it was for her, from Dr. Klim. He didn’t want it. He didn’t need it.

So he was going to give it back. He was heading to sector one—again—to do just that. This time he hadn’t even considered leaving the armor behind. Really, at this point, it wasn’t an option. There was blood all down his front. Someone might recognize him. He could get sick again. If anything, he could use the armor to remind himself to keep hold of himself, and not kill anyone again. To remind himself to have humility, too.

He got lost while he was thinking about it. It was very, very easy to get lost in sector one, and it took him nearly an hour to find the apartment building. When he did, he entered, and went up, and knocked quietly on her door. Would she hear him? Or—should he knock louder, should he wait…?

He decided to wait. If she wasn’t home, he could leave it, or… he was soon distracted out of his reverie, though. By the elevator arriving once more.